Solovyov Vitaliy

Solovyov Vitaliy, candidate of Dnipro National University World History Department, senior laboratory assistant of the “Centre of  Ukrainian-German Historical Studies”

Address: Gagarin avenue, building 72, apartment 502, Dnipro, 49010, Ukraine


Current publications


Solovyov V. The Romanian Front in Early Period of its Existence (September – December 1916). German history items. Dnipropetrovsk, 2012. pages 91–108.

Solovyov V. The Romanian factor influence on the Entente states’ All-Union strategy in 1916. German history items. Dnipro, 2017. pages 66–74.

Solovyov V. Political reforms in conditions of the Romanian Front armies’ politicization (January – October 1917). Cherkasy University Bulletin. Historical Sciences Series. Cherkasy, 2017. pages 118–127.

Solovyov V. The Romanian question during the Petrograd Conference with participation of the Allied States (January – February 1917). Scientific works of ZNU Historical Faculty. Zaporizhzhya, 2017. Publication 49. Pages 137–144.

Solovyov V. Material provision of crisis in Romania as one of the Russian state system collapse reasons (February – March 1917). Scientific works of ZNU Historical Faculty. Zaporizhzhya, 2018. Publication 50. Pages 428–435.

Solovyov V. The Romanian Front in Entente states policy under the conditions of peaceful negotiations of Soviet Russia with the Fourth Alliance countries (November 1917 – March 1918). The scientific bulletin of MNU, named after Sukhomlynsky V. Historical sciences. Mykolayiv, 2018. pages 80–87.

Soloviov V. «Dobrudzhan Catastrophy» as a reflection of Russian-Romanian military-political relations of 1916 summer – autumn period. Modern Studies in German History. Dnipro, 2018. pages 87–101.