Expertise of the articles: stages

  1. All the articles submitted for publication in journal "Modern Studies in German History" are undergone a double independent blind reviewing.
  2. First, the texts are the subject to general examination by the scholarly and technical editors. They both must check how the texts complaint with the provisions described in requirements.
  3. Second, texts are passed to two members of the Editorial Board (after preliminary agreement) for the blind evaluation (the editors do not get information about the author of the material).
  4. Third, the reviewers evaluate the scholarly level of the submitted texts and if they meet the requirements and profile of the journal. They also prepare a brief reviews with some recommendations to the Editorial Board (regarding the level of future publication) and authors (comments, ways to overcome the shortcomings).
  5. After receiving reviews, the authors should undertake certain steps to overcome shortcomings, improve the quality of the provided materials. A brief discussion with scholarly and technical editors is possible.
  6. The final decision about the publication of each material and the general contents of the next edition of the journal are made after getting approval from all the members of the Editorial Board.